Event Type dia 3 sep 24


2023Sat23SEPTEMBER09:00Sat10:00Identity and social context in rehabilitation of acquired brain injury using the Y Shaped modelDr. Fergus GraceyClick here for more information09:00 - 10:00(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER10:00Sat10:45Coffee-breakClick here for more information10:00 - 10:45(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER10:00Sat10:45Poster presentation 2Click here for more information10:00 - 10:45(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER10:45Sat12:00Oral presentation 3Click here for more information10:45 - 12:00(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER12:00Sat13:00Co-Occurring Fatigue and Brain Fog: Development and Validation of a Digital Analogue InstrumentDr. Timothy R. ElliottClick here for more information12:00 - 13:00(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER13:00Sat14:30free time for lunchClick here for more information13:00 - 14:30(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER14:30Sat15:45Symposium 2Click here for more information14:30 - 15:45(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER15:45Sat16:15Coffee-breakClick here for more information15:45 - 16:15(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER16:15Sat17:30Oral presentation 4Click here for more information16:15 - 17:30(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER17:30Sat18:30Cognitive rehabilitation for people with mild-to-moderate dementia: addressing the impact of cognitive impairment on functional abilityDra. Linda ClareClick here for more information17:30 - 18:30(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule

2023Sat23SEPTEMBER18:30Sat19:00ClosureClick here for more information18:30 - 19:00(GMT+01:00) See in my schedule